ok i have to admit i don’t use this tumblr like at all anymore but you can find me here

i’ve had it for a while now but i’ve kind of started slowing down on there so it’s a bit less embarrassing so yeah

i might eventually leave it and come back here and have all my interests in one place but i cba rn

i graduate in a week and school is ripping me 2 shreds


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Favorite Female Characters (in no particular order) - Addison Montgomery

Actually, I prefer to be called ‘Ruler of All That is Evil’, but I will answer to ‘Satan’.”

Gillian Jacobs - The Coveteur - March 2014


15/ of jeon jiyoon

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 gtkm meme: [1/6] favorite groups→ 4minute

“Many people don’t believe that girl groups have good bonds between members, but we are definitely the most bonded and united girl group.”

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